Montessori Pre-school Franchise

As a Montessori League Academy franchisee, you’ll help prepare children to go anywhere that their dreams, interests, and passions take them. We believe that cultivating curious and inventive personalities in children can help them go further and achieve more. A franchisee will be able to offer the Montessori Method with Ivy League inspired curriculum, which gives children a truly unique learning experience.

Advanced Parent

Discover the power of the Montessori education, based on a platform which facilitates the parent.

Montessori Pre-school

Montessori is a progressive school that is the legacy of a long and proud tradition of the thoughtful school practice of Maria Montessori, stretching back since 1907. We offer a variety of programs and summer school. The objective is to empower the children with the love of learning and respect for all, when they grow up they, in turn, would contribute to the well-being of the general population.


A low cost personal and commercial insurance agency especially priced and targeted towards the population that normally would not be able to acquire insurance.

Contributing Program – Global

We support programs and charities that offer sustainable solutions for global solutions. We particularly support Aga Khan Foundation. Aga Khan Foundation partners with communities around the world to build better futures together. We are not affiliated with this organization, but we encourage to please explore further.

Contributing Program – Local

Founded in 1957, The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches has been improving the lives of at-risk children through its six Florida locations and comprehensive programs. The Sheriffs Youth Ranches is credited with helping more than 136,000 children and families in Florida. We are not affiliated with this organization, but we encourage to please explore further.

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“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education”

— Maria Montessori (1870-1952)