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Upcoming book: Attack Your Food – Reversing heart damage and diabetes, by Shaun & Salma Ajani

Share the experience and teach the benefits of a particular way of eating, for anyone who wants to lose weight, has heart related issues, and risk of having (or has) diabetic concerns.

Mouse with Five Tails by Salma Ajani

The book engages the child to learn about self confidence, bullying, numbers, counting backward & forward, and days of the week.

Life Control: Using the Secrets of the Life Codes by Shaun H. Ajani

Life Control presents ten secret life codes Shaun Ajani discovered while writing numerous  corporate papers. He discusses techniques practiced thousands of years ago, and breaks down these complex ideas into understandable concepts.

If You Row, You Will Not Drift - Perfect Life Management - The Life Wizard by Shaun H. Ajani

Shaun wrote this book to show how we can manage our lives according to the techniques of Project Management. To row , and not drift.