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Ten Benefits of a Montessori Preschool

When the time comes for a parent to choose a daycare (preschool) program for their child, it is important to conduct thorough research before deciding which one is the perfect one. A Montessori can teach your child advanced developmental, social, and educational skills. Read on to learn more about the top 10 reasons you should consider a Montessori daycare for your son or daughter.

  1. The Montessori method emphasizes key development skills in children such as language, motor skills, and completing everyday activities.
  2. Certain skills are emphasized in a Montessori daycare, including reading and math, at an earlier age than many traditional daycares.
  3. Children in Montessori preschools are encouraged to cooperate and work with one another to complete tasks. The tasks are laid out before them, and they work amongst themselves to learn how to complete them.
  4. In a Montessori classroom, teachers facilitate the learning experience instead of enforcing it. They act as guides and allow children to self-direct planned activities.
  5. Hands-on learning is emphasized in a Montessori daycare. This is more fun for the children, and it nurtures both their practicality and their creativity.
  6. Learning in a Montessori daycare is centered on the child, instead of around the entire class. Children are able to learn and develop their skills based on their own individual needs and learning styles.
  7. In a Montessori setting, children are able to develop self-discipline. Children can choose which tasks and activities to take part in, and are loosely guided by their caretakers to see them through completion at their own pace.
  8. Even though activities are self-guided, they must finish all projects that they start and return the materials and objects used during the projects to their proper places when they are finished. This teaches the children organization and order.
  9. Learning in a Montessori setting fosters creativity in children. Instead of being forced to take part in certain tasks, they choose to, and the choice alone inspires creativity in them.
  10. The programs are much more personalized in a Montessori daycare. Each child is treated as an individual, and their natural abilities and affinities are encouraged in the activities they take part in.

There are many benefits to choosing a Montessori daycare for your child, especially if your son or daughter is very young. Even if you do not plan on continuing your child’s education with Montessori programs, a daycare can help them develop important skills and traits that will facilitate their education for years to come.

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