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Working is Fun with the Montessori Method

The Montessori Method is a celebrated educational technique, yet there is still some mystery surrounding it.


Many parents have heard of Montessori, but are somewhat unsure of how a Montessori education is different than a traditional one, and some even have some misconceptions about Montessori schools. One common misunderstanding parents often have is that a Montessori education is centered on work, and does not allow children to have fun. While a Montessori classroom does focus on work, children are encouraged to work on the projects and activities that interest them with limited interruption from their teachers. The Montessori Method is based around the concept that children want to work, and find joy in completing tasks and activities.

Children in a Montessori school are provided with uninterrupted periods of time for work, where they complete projects and learn important developmental concepts. They are allowed to move freely about the classroom and choose to take part in the activities that they are most interested in. Each activity is structured so that children can discover for themselves how to complete it with little guidance from their teachers. This helps them learn concepts through work and discovery, as opposed to doing exactly what their teachers tell them to do. Because Montessori schools and daycares encourage children to learn by experience instead of instruction, their innate sense of curiosity and creativity is fostered.

While children in a Montessori school are working, they are learning how to self-construct in a free and spontaneous environment. Children in traditional preschool and kindergarten programs also work to complete tasks, yet they do not call it working. Their activities are also much more structured, leaving less freedom for children to discover ideas and concepts for themselves. So while Montessori classrooms may place a greater emphasis on work, this allows Montessori children to complete self-chosen educational activities in a fun and exciting environment designed to inspire self-construction and development.

Do not let the emphasis on work deter you from choosing a Montessori education for your child. Also called purposeful activity, this work is offered to children in a way to facilitate learning and interaction with the environment. The Montessori Ivy League Academy offers a variety of child care programs in Pembroke Pines, FL that are structured around the Montessori Method. If you believe that providing your child with the freedom to work to complete tasks and self-discover, then contact the Montessori Ivy League Academy today at (954) 438-8808 to schedule a pre-admission visit and learn more about the exciting and educational programs we have available.


Montessori Ivy League Academy and Montessori League Academy Franchise is a progressive private Montessori preschool, dedicated to recapture the 100 year-old tradition of Maria Montessori, and provide opportunities to own a Montessori preschool franchise, at the lowest cost and the lowest risk, while supporting and training for success of the business, as well as the children they serve.


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