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Attack Your Food – Reversing heart damage and diabetes

Attack Your Food – Reversing heart damage and diabetes.

A few months ago, a great thing happened to me; I had a heart Attack, at 53.

After one night in the hospital, I quickly realized that this is not a permanent solution. So, my
wife and I made a dicey decision, and decided to walk out of the hospital, without the
recommended “procedures”. We (the whole family) launched on a special plant based diet, and
in three months, I felt no sign of the damaged heart, as well as no sign of the diabetes and the
high cholesterol.

This book, written by my wife and I, is to share this experience, and teach others the benefits of
this particular way of eating, in detail in the following structured way:

1) What happened?
A quick narrative of what transpired, from reasons behind the heart attack (to a pretty healthy
person) to why we decided to “walk” out of the hospital

2) What did we do?
A detailed description of exactly what we did to implement the diet, including the specific foods
(including specific brands and high-resolution photos), and actual health records and actual test
results from the hospital and clinics.

3) What can you do?
Exact step-by-step of what the readers can do, both physically and psychologically, detailed in
many different options to maximize the success results, and ensure the continuity of the

Target Audience Market:
This book is directed to anyone who wants to lose weight, has heart related issues, and risk of
having (or has) diabetic concerns.

The book is not yet fully written. However, all the elements to complete the book is already
there. Once sanctioned, it will take just a few months to complete.

Our bios appear below, and you can Google us to see our prior accomplishments, as well as our
personal site at:

Shaun Ajani has over a decade of consulting experience with fortune 500 companies. Currently,
he is the VP of franchising for the Montessori League Academy. He has written on business
theories & global change, and has appeared in all the major television networks, including CBS,
NBC, FOX, and ABC. Shaun has many professional certifications from institutions like Gartner
Institute, Harvard University, and Sloan School of Business, and holds a business degree from
University of Houston. Shaun is a proud communications volunteer for the Aga Khan
Foundation, a global alleviation organization. Shaun Ajani lives in Miami with his family.

Salma Ajani has her M.S in Education (Master of Science with specialization in Montessori Early
Childhood Education). She is also a graduate of University of Southern California, majoring in
Communications, and minoring in Business Communications. After graduating from USC, she
had an opportunity to work with the national bestselling author & speaker, Anthony Robbins,
which opened up a whole new world of possibilities for her. Salma’s research in human
potential awarded many certifications from Ericsonian Hypnosis, Advance Hypnosis, and NLP
(Neuro Linguistic Programming) and continued her studies to become a licensed training